FAQ for USP Relocations (Thailand)

There’s no question, that our team of experts at USP Relocations (Thailand) can answer any questions you may have when it comes to moving to or from Thailand. 

That said, we do understand you may just want to get some questions answered without having to speak to a real person first. For this very reason, we have compiled an FAQ based on our 20+ years of experience in the International Moving industry.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for, then please do contact us to seek further assistance. Again, while it’s true we are selling a service, we will never pressure you or make you feel obligated in anyway. Our first priority is to help you by providing as much information as possible, and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole moving process. 

Before the Big Move

Some clients are confused as to what they should do while waiting for the packing day. If let’s say, you are moving to or from Bangkok or Phuket Thailand, there are some things you should and should NOT do before our team comes. 

Q: How soon should I contact USP Relocations (Thailand) before my planned moving date?

A: The earlier the better. We highly insist that you contact us no less than 2 weeks before your planned moving date. This is even more pertinent in our peak season (June to August). The more time we have, the more we can ensure a smoother relocation process and a lower cost out of your pocket.

Q: Is there anything I need to do before your team comes to pack?

A: Honesty, there isn’t too much you need to do as we take care of almost everything. However, to further ensure a smooth packing process, here are a few things we recommend:

  • Study the Destination Guides and the Customs Regulations for the country you are moving to. All of which can be found here on our website. These documents will help you to determine what items can be shipped or not. 
  • Plan out exactly what is and isn’t going. Some clients even like to go around labeling everything. 
  • Finish any and all required documents ASAP. For example: Insurance forms, VISA applications, Health certificates for pets, Import permits for vehicles etc.…

Q: Should I start packing things myself?

A: While you may think that is a good idea, it actually isn’t. Though we highly appreciate you trying to make it easier for us, it is not necessary and we advise against it. Our packing teams in Bangkok and Phuket are fully certified packers. If you were to pack anything yourself in a box, then we would have to label as Packed by Owner (PBO). If done, then those items you pack would not be covered under the insurance you have.

You can however sperate which items you want to be packed. You should also pack away small valuables – money, jewelry, watches, etc. and make plans to move them yourself.

This is encouraged and makes the packing process easier for you and for us.

Q: I forgot to add some items to my shipment but the packers already let. Can I still add something? 

A: Yes! These things can happen. As long as your shipment hasn’t left our warehouse or been shipped out, then we can still add any items that you may have omitted during the packing day. We will add those new items and send you a revised quotation. Of course, if you just forgot your child’s favorite doll, then most likely the volume will remain the same and a revised quotation would not be necessary. If, however you just purchased a new sofa and want to add it, then the volume will change and the price respectively. 

Q: When do I need to pay?

A: We have different payment options depending on the client. If you are paying yourself (private) then we require full payment before packing is commenced. Our corporate clients who have stablished credit with us, are offered different payment terms depending on their status. 

Corporate Clients: If you would like to establish credit with us or to adjust the payment terms, then please contact us and our Business Development Manager can assist you with this.

Q: Can I cancel or reschedule the moving date and time?

A: Yes, but please let us know in advanced (3 Days’ Notice Minimum)

Moving Day

No Door-To-Door move is ever the same as another. Each different move can bring about different problems. Reversely, some moves are a lot easier than others. It really depends on factors such as location, type of residence, and the types of goods you are wishing to move. Here are some common questions about the moving day process which have come up over time:

Q: What time will your packing crew arrive?

A: Our teams generally start at 9:00 AM and finishes the day off at 5 PM. Of course, if these times do not work for you, then we can coordinate a time that best suits your needs. Just let us know in advance. 

A: How long will the whole packing process take?

B: It depends. If you are just shipping a few boxes then we are looking at a matter of only a few hours. If more than that (usually is) then naturally the time increases. This should give you a good idea:

(Assuming all goods and furniture are to be shipped)

  • 15 Cubic Meters in a 20ft container (1 BR apartment or small house) = 1-2 Days
  • 30 Cubic Meters in a 20ft container (2 BR apartment or medium sized house) = 2-3 Days
  • 45 Cubic Meters in a 40ft container (2-3 Br apartment or house) = 3-4 Days
  • 60 Cubic Meters in a 40ft container (3-4 BR apartment or house = 4-5 Days

The above is only an estimation. Other factors can either increase or decrease the amount of time needed. 

For example: Let’s you have 30 Cubic Meters but you live on an island outside of Phuket that requires us to take a Ferry there. Also, you have many big pieces of furniture on the 10th floor and there isn’t a service elevator. These factors would most likely increase the moving time from 2 days to more like 3. Vice-versa, if you have a 2 Bedroom apartment but only one sofa a nd a few boxes to move, then the time would decrease immensely. 

A: Should I tip the packing crew?

B: If you are not already aware, Thailand is a country where tipping is not part of the culture. So no, you do not need to tip anyone. If you insist on tipping then you may and the crew would highly appreciate it, but again that is not necessary at all. If, however, you are very satisfied with our services (we hope you are) then you could show your appreciation by leaving a nice review and recommending us to your friends and family. 

Q: What if some of my larger items don’t fit in the lift (elevator)?

A: Some apartments and condominiums (especially in Bangkok) either have an elevator that is too small and/or do not have a service lift. This is ok. Our team of burly men can hand carry your precious items up or down any number of stairs. Our Relocation Consultants can inform you if this will be necessary during the FREE Pre-Move Survey.

Q: I live in a condo, apartment or village. Do I need to inform anyone prior to the packing day?

A: Yes please! Many condos, apartments and even villages have a management of some sorts with a security team always on post. We highly recommended informing them of our expected arrival and duration of stay in advance. More times than not, they will require prior notification from you as the owner/renter.

Q: What happens if something is damaged during packing?

A: Contact us immediately so we can assist you with the claims process. This is of course assuming that you took some form of insurance with us. We hope you did.


We have just finished packing the last box or piece of furniture and you are left with a clean and empty home. Now what?

Q: Where will by goods go before, they are shipped out to the destination?

A: Your shipment will go directly into our secure warehouse and kept in storage (free of charge) until the day it is dispatched by sea or air. Our warehouses are safe, secure and temperature controlled. For more information about our warehouses in Bangkok or Phuket, please visit the Storage section under “Our Services”.

Q: After the packing team finished and left, I realized I need to add another item. Is this still possible?

A: Yes, just please contact us ASAP and we can coordinate when and how to get this item(s) added to your shipment before it is dispatched. 

Q: Will the final charges be different after packing has finished? 

A: Usually not, but it is possible. We do our very best during the pre-move survey to calculate the volume of your shipment. More times than not we are spot on. Sometimes after packing, the volume either increases or decreases. The usual cause for this is that items were either not accounted for by you or by us.

  It’s also possible that you decided not to take certain items on the day we came to pack. Our Relocation Consultant will keep track of everything you wish to be packed during the pre-move survey. We can then compare that list to the packing list which is kept by our Lead Packer. 

If the volume increases after packing, then we will adjust the invoice accordingly. Likewise, if the volume decreases substantially, we will work to find out why and attempt to reduce the final price you pay as well.

Q: Will I need to sign anything after packing has been completed?

A: Yes, for quality assurance our Crew leader will go over the packing inventory with you for which we require your signature stating that everything is there and you are satisfied with the services or not. 

Destination Services

Obviously, if you are moving internationally from to or from Thailand using our door-to-door services, there will be much more involved when compared to a domestic move.

Q: What services at the destination are included in the quotation?

A: For all door-to-door moves (International & Domestic), our quotes include the following services at the destination:

  • Delivery of your shipment
  • Unpacking of all boxes
  • Placement of all furniture and other free-standing items such as tv’s, workout equipment etc.…
  • Removal of all debris and empty boxes.
  • Re-assembly of any furniture that had to be dismantled for moving

Note: We will not place items back into drawers, cabinets and shelves. We do not wall mount any objects such as tv’s and lights. If this is something you require, we can offer our handy man services at an additional cost. Please advise your relocation consultant of these matters during your pre-move survey.

Q: Should I expect any additional charges when my shipment arrives at the destination country?

A: We do our best to help mitigate or even prevent any additional charges at the destination. That said, there are some countries where certain charges just can not be avoided. Our relocation consultants will inform you of any potential charges at the destination with an estimation of what they will be. Additional charges are those such as, but not limited to:

  • Import duties & taxes: Depends on what goods you are importing, the country your importing to and your citizenship status.
  • Port Storage charges: These usually occur if your shipment is flagged because it contains a prohibited item.
  • Additional services required: This can be something such as stair carry charges, parking permits and other unforeseen charges at the destination. For example, if your goods are being delivered at the destination and our team finds that there is not a service elevator available, we may have to charge extra for carrying your good up the stairs (if more than 2 flights).

To avoid any of these potential charges, we insist that you inform your relocation consultant of any potential obstacles at the destination so we determine if any extra services will be needed or not.

A: My shipment has arrived, but either my home is not ready or I haven’t found one. What can I do?

B: While rare, this can and does happen for whatever reasons. No worries though. All of our partners at the destination can accommodate you with short term or long-term storage at their very secure warehouses. Just contact USP Relocations (Thailand) if storage will be needed and we will furnish you a new quotation based on your shipment’s volume and the time you will need.

A: If I need to claim a lost or damaged item after my shipment had been delivered, how can I do this?

B: In the rare case that an item is lost or damaged, you have 30 days from the time that your shipment is unpacked to contact us and to start the claim process. Once you contact us, we will walk you through the very fast and easy process. 


Your hard-earned money is a precious thing. And While we are a for profit business, we are not in the business of overcharging, masking hidden charges or using tacky sales techniques. 

USP Relocations (Thailand) prides it’s self on being 100% transparent, not only about the services we offer, but how much they cost for us to perform them and how much you will need to pay in the end.

A: How can USP Relocations (Thailand) offer a more affordable prices than its competitors?

B: USP Relocations (Thailand) is made up of specialist that have worked in the industry for many years. These specialists know how to find the most efficient way to relocate your goods from point A to point B. Additionally, because USP Relocations (Thailand) is based in Thailand only, our costs are generally  less than the big guys and so this reflects in what you pay as the customer.

Q: Does a lower cost mean lower quality?

A: No, quite the contrary actually. While it’s true our costs are generally lower, this does not mean that we offer anything less than our competitors.  In fact, some of the biggest and most expensive companies out there get so big, that they lose that “personal touch”. 

We treat every customer not like another number, but a family member. USP Relocations (Thailand) is here for you and we offer personal yet professional service at an affordable price.

Q: I want to use USP Relocations (Thailand) but I found a company that can offer the same services at a cheaper price. Why should I choose you?

A: We do not claim to be the best or the most affordable (yet) 😊. That said, if you really want to use our services, but found another company that offers a cheaper price, then please let us know ASAP and we will work with you as much as possible to match or even beat that price.

In the end, we want you to be happy, and if this means you using a different company then so be it. All we ask is that you give us a chance to give you that happiness that you so deserve. 

Q: When can I pay for my services? 

A: For our private (consumer) clients, we of course recommend settling any payments as early as possible to avoid any delays in the relocation process. That said, you can pay a maximum of 7 days from the invoice date, or just before your shipment is dispatched (whichever comes first). 

For our corporate clients, please contact us for the specific credit terms related to your business/organization.

Q: Is VAT included in the final invoice?

A: Yes. Unless otherwise requested, all of our quotations and invoices will include and show Thailand’s 7% VAT which is applied to all services that we offer.

Q: Can a friend or family member help pay for any service?

A: Yes. There have been many instances where a friend, family member or even college has helped with payment. We can sperate invoices depending on who pays for what. Please note, that only one name can be placed onto the shipment and the respective Bill of Lading (B/W) and/or Airway Bill (AWB).

A: Can I do a combined shipment with a friend or family member?

B: Yes. To reduce costs, some people have chosen to combine their shipment with another person’s shipment. Please be advised, that normally the whole shipment will have to be placed under one name only. We recommend combing with someone that you know and trust. That said, both parties still run a risk, as technically who’s ever name is on the shipment owns all the goods.

Warehouse (Storage)

Short term storage, Long term storage or storage before your shipment is dispatched. No matter the reason to store your most beloved possessions, you can rely on USP Relocations (Thailand) to keep your shipment safe and secure for any period of time in one of our Bangkok or Phuket Warehouses.

A: How are my goods stored?

B: More times than not, your goods will be stored in custom made wooden crates called (Lift Vans). These crates are tailor made to ensure any box or piece of furniture is not damaged or tampered with. 

If your shipment is of a large volume and is only waiting to be dispatched, then all of your goods may remain in a metal shipping container until the day it is shipped.

A: How secure is USP Relocations Warehouse?

B: All of our warehouses are watched 24/7 by trained security personnel and CCTV Cameras. We will protect your goods like they are our own children.

A: Is the warehouse well ventilated and temperature controlled?

B: Yes, all of our warehouses are well ventilated to ensure that humidity does not build up. We offer open air storage and temperature-controlled storage depending on your needs. That said, whether you plan to store your goods in Bangkok or Phuket, you should be aware that Thailand is one of the hottest and most humid countries in the world. If you plan to store your shipment more than a week, then we would highly recommend that you take Storage Insurance. For Storage Insurance details and pricing options, please speak with one of our Relocation Consultants.

A: How long can I store my goods for?

B: As long as you would like! Some of our clients have stored just a few boxes for a couple weeks, while others have stored a full 6-bedroom home for a few years. Just let us know what your storage requirements are and we can help accommodate you all at more affordable price.

A: Can I access my goods while they are in storage?

B: No! They belong to us now. Just kidding… off course you can. Just let us know a few days in advance what you need and when you can come to the warehouse for retrieval. 


Was there a question you had that was not in this FAQ? If so, then please let us know by phone or email and we will be more than happy to answer it for you. Please don’t be shy. There isn’t any question that is not important. You will also be helping other clients for we can add any new question to the FAQ as they come up.

The Relocation Industry is constantly changing, and so new conditions usually arise which requires the ability to adapt to new and abrupt changes. Luckily, USP Relocations (Thailand) are specialists when it comes to change. We deal with these changes so you don’t have to.  The only change you should be concerned about, is the new home your about to enjoy with your family.