The Hub

USP Relocation’s newest warehouse

(a.k.a. The Hub) in Phuket, Thailand

Location: Si Sunthon, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

USP Relocations Thailand would like to introduce our newest warehouse on the beautiful and beloved island of Phuket, Thailand.  Her name is “The Hub”. Rightly so, as she sits almost dead center of the Island in the Thalang District. She isn’t just a warehouse, but a center point for distributions, moving services, logistical services and much more.

The Hub, is an impressive and newly built 5,700 sqm warehouse, boasting 2 stories that can accommodate any and all customer’s requirements. With fully fitted office spaces, temperature and humidity-controlled storage, she can take on any Long Term or Short-Term storage needs.

On top of this, The Hub includes a full fledge showroom that can accommodate a wide range of needs for both our private and corporate clients whom wish to showcase their products. 

The Hub can facilitate:

  • 5,700 sqm and 2 stories of space, of which only about 1/3 will be occupied and utilized by USP Relocations Thailand.
  • Moving/Relocation Services
  • Long term storage
  • Short term storage
  • Air-conditioned office spaces, meeting rooms and a common room.
  • Inventory storage for your businesses stock and/or surplus 
  • A large showroom to showcase all of your products

For business inquiries, rental fees and other general questions, please contact us and speak with one of our specialists who is here to help you.