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Are you really ready to have your life uprooted and moved to a whole different country? If yes, then congratulations! You have just completed the first step of the moving process.

Now, whether you are a seasoned veteran or completely green to International moving, you should be aware that there are numerous obstacles which could and usually do arise during the relocation process. One of them is finding a competent and affordable international moving company in Bangkok

From language barriers, culture differences, customs regulations, global security requirements, and a never-ending need for adaptation, you would be wise to seek assistance from a group of professionals, who day in and day out live and breathe the industry.

While it’s true there are many international relocation companies out there whom offer the same or similar services, USP Relocations (Thailand) is one of the only companies that specializes in Door-To-Door moving to and from Thailand, with the utmost highest standards all at a more affordable price.


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Moving from Thailand?

USP Relocations (Thailand) is a well respected international moving company in Bangkok. You can rest easy knowing that our team of experienced movers and seasoned professionals will see your Door-to-Door international relocation through to a more than satisfactory end.

We ensure:


  • A FREE in-home consultation by one of our professional relocation consultants
  • Guidance and assistance with international customs rules & regulations
  • Top-notch packing and handling of your most beloved possessions using only the finest packing materials
  • Superb attention to detail, finesse and unmatched customer service from start to finish
  • Our ever-expanding worldwide network of industry-leading moving companies via IAM

Moving to Thailand

No matter where you are in the world, we will ensure a seamless and stress-free international move to Thailand by:


  • Coordinating and working with one of our top IAM partners in your country of residence to conduct a pre-move consultation for packing and export services
  • Assessing Thailand’s import regulations to minimize your shipment’s time and help reduce any import duties & taxes
  • All coordination is done from one point of contact here in Thailand
  • Making arrangements for special services such as home search, visa & immigration, airport pickups and much more…

Understanding the International Relocation Process

Step #1: Pre-Move Survey

USP Relocations (Thailand) will expertly handle your International removals in Bangkok
by following these simple yet effective steps:

To get to one another and know exactly what you need, we highly insist that a Pre-Move Survey be completed in your home by one of our highly trained Relocation Consultants 4-5 weeks prior to your intended move.

A typical survey will be conducted as follows:

We start first by setting an appointment that works best for YOU.

One of our highly trained Relocation Consultants will meet you at your home at the agreed upon date & time.

The survey will take approximately 45 minutes for a 2-3-bedroom home. More or less depending on the size, and if there are any special services required.

During the survey we will help to determine and go over:

  • The total size (volume) of your personal effects.
  • The best mode of transporting your shipment from A to B.
  • Any special services that may be needed
  • Customs regulations for the country you are moving to

Any questions or concerns you may have can be addressed during the survey. If you forget to ask something during the survey, that is ok. You can contact your relocation consultant and/or our CSR team anytime.

Step #2: International Relocation Quotation

Once the pre-move survey is completed, we will begin working immediately to plan out the most efficient and budget friendly relocation plan. After which, you will receive a detailed and easy to understand International Relocation Quotation that paints a whole picture of your tailored move.

Step #3: Quotation Acceptance

After you have looked over the quotation in full, it is time to sign the acceptance form. Of course, if you have any questions regarding the quotation, our team is here to help resolve any concerns you may have.

Step #4: Origin Scope of Services

Now the real fun starts! At a scheduled date and time that best suits your needs, our super friendly and seasoned packing crew will come to your home and commence the packing process.

The packing is very detailed and done with much finesse. We will pack anything and everything so long as it does not go against any rules or regulations… Sorry, we can not pack your kids

So just sit back, enjoy your coffee, and get some you time while our team of experts do everything. We will be in and out in a blink of an eye. It’s almost like magic!

Step #5: Post Packing / Transit

After everything is carefully and professionally packed up, we will transport your personal effects into one of our secure storage facilities until it’s ready to be shipped. We will contact you as soon as your shipment has left and will remain in contact all the way through until it arrives at the destination.

Step #6: Destination Scope of Services

After your shipment has arrived at the destination, we will immediately, or at a later agreed upon day, deliver and unpack all your personal effects.

The unpacking process is usually much faster than the packing process and so not as much time would be required.

Of course, after all the unpacking is completed, we will remove any debris so that you are left with only your personal effects to begin making your new home feel like home again.

Different Ways to Ship

Air shipments

Do you only have a few boxes of clothes and other miscellaneous items that need to be moved? If so, then an air shipment may be the best option for you. While air shipments are generally the most expensive, this is not always true if the total volume of your personal effects is quite low. One major benefit of an air shipment is how fast it is

Sea Shipments

While Sea Shipments do take quite a bit longer than Air Shipments, they are the most cost effective and are the most chosen form of transportation by clients for International relocations in Bangkok. Sea shipments come with a few different options to suit your needs

LCL (Less than a container load)

Do you have more than a few boxes plus a couple pieces of furniture? A very small home or 1-bedroom apartment may be shipped via LCL. What is LCL you may ask?

To make it simple:

All of your packed and wrapped personal effects will be placed into a tailor-made wooden box. This box will then be placed into one of those big metal shipping containers with other LCL shipments. It’s like a box within a box within a box. With this option, it’s safe to say your goods will be well protected.

FCL (Full container load)

These are the big boys for bigger homes. We use different sizes depending on the total volume of your personal effects. No matter the size, each container is for you and you only. These are not shared with any other customer unless specifically requested by you.

Some customers request a “shared shipment” with a friend for example, in aims of reducing the total cost even more. This occurs quite often and we of course can accommodate it.

20 ft ContainerNormally used for a 1-2 Bedroom home that contains a fair number of items and furniture.

40 ft ContainerNormally used for a 3-4 Bedroom home that contains a fair number of items and furniture.

40 ft HC (High Cube) Normally used for a 4+ Bedroom homes that contains a fair to large number of items and furniture.

Our Network

USP Relocations Thailand, is one of the most trusted International Moving Companies in Bangkok, and though we offer Door-to-Door services with one point of contact from A-Z, there are some countries other than Thailand where USP Relocations isn’t located.

Don’t worry though, like many other small and large relocation companies, we possess a vast network of partners that we work with in many countries around the world.

Our partners, like us, are only IAM or FIDI-FAIM accredited movers to ensure top-notch level of service. These partners have been in business for decades, are world renown and have received much praise.

Our quality assurance team works day in and day out to ensure that our partners are only the best and nothing less.

So why choose USP Relocations (Thailand)?

It’s true, that when shopping around for a company to take care of you and your families most prized possessions, the choices can be somewhat overwhelming and we completely understand that.

We hope, that what you’ve have learned from us so far has persuaded you to see us as the clear choice for your next relocation to or from the Kingdom of Thailand.

USP Relocations (Thailand) is one of the top rated companies for international removals in Bangkok.

Again, while we may not be one of the biggest companies around, we can offer what the big guys can’t, and that is:

Professional Yet Personable Service at an Affordable Price