Storage Services in Bangkok

There may come a time during or after packing, when you decide that some of your furniture and other items don’t need to be shipped right away. Maybe you plan to sell or give away some items later, or maybe what you initially planned to ship wont all fit into a shipping container.

There are an infinite amount of reasons why you may require storage servies in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. No matter the reason, you can trust USP Relocations (Thailand) to keep all of your valuable possession safe and secure.

Our extremely secure and clean storage facilities in Bangkok and Phuket are well maintained and guarded 24/7 to provide you with peace of mind.


Storage in Transit in Bangkok

After all your house hold goods have been packed and taken away, it’s normal there will be a few days between when your shipment will actually leave the port and be on its way to the destination. This usually depends solely on the vessel’s schedule.

Your whole shipment will be taken to the same storage facility and kept safe while it awaits departure. This is of no extra charge to you and is inclusive of our Door-to-Door service.

If at any point you decide to delay your move and require long term storage, you can speak with your Relocation Consultant to determine if there will be any storage fees, and if so, how much.

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Long Term Storage in Bangkok

Is your home becoming cluttered but you don’t want to throw away or sell anything? Maybe you plan to move abroad for a short period and need somewhere to store your belongings. This is where our long-term storage solution comes in to fruition.

With USP Relocation’s (Thailand) Long term Storage, your belongings will be kept safe and secure in our climate-controlled storage facilities. They are guarded by 24/7 CCTV coverage, with on-duty security always available.


Our long-term storage includes:

  • Storage of your belongings at our safe & secure premises
  • Everything in storage is professionally labelled
  • Full and detailed inventory management
  • Access to your goods upon request

Short Term Storage in Bangkok

Just like our Long-Term Storage, our Short-Term Storage is for those who may be in the process of moving a house or are between homes. Whatever the circumstances are, our storage specialists can advise you of the most optimum storage solution that’s best fits your needs.


Storage Coverage

While we use the latest and greatest in packing materials and technology to ensure your goods are safe and sound in storage, there are the possibilities of accidents and of course you can’t forget about our wonderful mother nature. This is especially true in Thailand, where every year there are monsoons which can cause flooding, wind damage and even fires from electrical wires being dismantled.

It is for these reasons that we highly recommended you to consider our very affordable storage coverage options, so that you can sleep easy at night knowing that your goods are protected.

For more information on the available coverage options, please contact us to speak with a relocation consultant today.