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Fast Moving

Office & Factory Moves

Businesses large and small, at some point may need to move their entire operations from either one city to another or to an entirely different country. With 20+ year of experience, USP Relocations (Thailand) can and will ensure your whole office or factory is relocated with minimum loss of time, smooth transitions and satisfied stress-free employees. 

At USP Relocations (Thailand), our team of experts provide a seamless relocation, no matter which city or country you’re moving to or from. Our streamlined and fortified structure involves access to a comprehensive global network of suppliers, which allows extensive planning, project management and communication.

Top Tier & Tailored Relocations

At first glance, you may think that moving your business should be no different than moving your home, since the main process is just moving physical goods from point A to B. Unfortunately, this is not the case.  If you plan on relocating employees along with your assets, then the logistics must be tailored to mitigate any security issues and reduce any downtime to maintain and keep your business rolling.

Our moving team at USP Relocations (Thailand) understand that you may have an abundance of IT equipment, data storage and server towers. We have many years of experience decommissioning all types of intricate systems and telecoms to ensure there are no security issues. This will usually take place either the night before or on moving day to ensure little to zero interruptions in your business’s operations.

Privacy Matter

Privacy of our clients

USP Relocations (Thailand) provides top-notch storage for confidential and sensitive information. You can go to sleep easy at night knowing that your employee’s and client’s credentials are in safe keeping.
For more information regarding privacy, please contact us and ask to speak with one of our specialists.

Special Care for you and your employees

We know, that you and your employees are the heart and soul of your business. You can have an office or factory fully set up in the new location, but that means nothing if the individuals who run it all are either not there yet, or have issues in the transition process.

At USP Relocations (Thailand), we can provide an extensive package of services to employees and managers which ensures everyone is moved on time stress free, resulting in zero hiccups in the operations of your business. With our special destination services, such as home search and school search, you and your employees will feel at ease knowing everything will be more than ok. There’s the old saying “A happy wife makes a happy life”. This is also true between employers and their employees.