Best Countries to Live in as an Expat

Best Countries to Live in as an Expat

Are you planning to move from Thailand, but not quite sure where you want to spend the next few years or the rest of your life? If so, then you are not alone. While Thailand is a highly sought-after country to live in, many Expats have decided to make a change.

This need for change could be for many reasons, and honestly it doesn’t really matter. All that matters, is that you and your family find the best place to live based on your needs and wants. 

We have compiled a short list of some of the best countries to live in as an Expat, based on the opinions of seasoned movers from around the globe. We hope this list can be a good starting point for you in making the best decision. 


Much like Thailand and only a short move away, you could move to Vietnam. Boasting a colorful culture and friendly locals, Vietnam is a great choice for experienced expats. The country made the list due to its strong financial security and positive work-life balance, plus its welcoming environment for newcomers. Most expats surveyed said they were able to quickly adjust to the way of life there, feeling at home within the first few months of arriving. This is even more true if you are moving from another Southeast Asian country such as Thailand.  

United Arab Emirates

About only 11 percent of the people living in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates are actually Emirati nationals: The vast majority of people who call Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or one of the other five emirates home are from somewhere else. The massive increase of expats has a lot to do with job opportunities and wage increases: Young professionals under the age of 35 in the UAE receive a 50 percent increase in income on average. The country also earns high marks for its fast rate of promotions within any given job field, and it ranks first for the amount of disposable income. 


By survey, there is an overwhelmingly positive experience with expat life in Germany, especially when it comes to its economy, like the prospects of career advancement and a drastic improvement in work-life balance. That’s said, it’s not all about efficiency and productivity: The country’s rich culture, natural beauty, and comprehensive social security are very appealing to expats, especially if you’re looking for a welcoming environment to raise a family while you develop your career.


Turkey is one of the world’s best countries for expats looking to expand their lives, both professionally and culturally. The country’s surge of incoming expats has a lot to do with how easy it is to move there: It currently ranks first for both “ease of settling in” and “welcoming communities.” On the financial side of things, Turkey also scores points for both income and career progression, while children can benefit from good schooling and local families open to making new friends.


Yes, moving somewhere new can bring better health. More than half of those who have taken up residence Down Under report that their health is better, against a global average of just around 35 percent. This is undoubtedly true if you’re moving from let’s say Bangkok, Thailand; where the pollution index is on a continual rise. The vast natural environment and easy access to it translates to more time spent outdoors, which is always a good thing.

New Zealand

Living in New Zealand, expats feel the benefits of the country’s laid-back lifestyle, with more free time after work to experience the adventure capital of the world’s huge variety of activities. All this leads to most new citizens experiencing a better quality of life and better mental well-being than in their home country. From many different surveys taken,  New Zealand comes out near the tops for work-life balance and political stability—add to that a high level of safety and friendliness among citizens, and this is one country that expats may never want to leave.


When making the decision to move overseas, there’s more to consider than career prospects. This especially true if you’re moving with kids. Not only are there emotional and psychological ramifications to bringing up your kids in a new culture, but also the logistics of navigating a new school or child-care system. When it comes to families, there are very few places better than Spain: The country ranks second overall for “Little Expats,” which takes into account learning, schooling, and making new friends. And with the country’s incredible climate, relaxed work environments and high mental and physical wellness among citizens, expats will definitely see an improved quality of life if they choose to make Spain their new home.


Canada is the only North American that made the list and actually sits well above the United States in terms of expat life. It’s ranked first for overall quality of living, a category which includes political stability, ease of settling in, mental wellbeing, and general fulfillment. Canada is also ranked the most tolerant and welcoming to people of different races, genders, sexual orientations, and faiths. This is not to mention the jaw dropping natural beauty of the country.


The city-state of Singapore has always been one of the best countries for expats to live and work in. It ranks first on many blogs, for four years in a row. Education can be a major concern when relocating with kids, but not in Singapore, which earns high marks when it comes to quality of schools. The parents enjoy the move, too: Singapore ranks first for both job security and wage growth. Other than a fantastic country to raise kids and make a great living, one of the most sought out reason to live in Singapore is because it’s considered to be a culinary paradise. 


With sparkly clean streets, some of the world’s best ski slopes just a train ride away, and all the cheese you could ever want, it’s no surprise that Switzerland is at the top (technically the bottom) of the list. It’s not just because everything works so well, though there is that (only one percent of surveyed expats said they were concerned about the economy). 

Switzerland is home to two of the most expensive cities in the world, but paychecks reflect that cost of living. The average annual salary for expats in Switzerland is a staggering $203,000 USD. Money speaks when it comes to Switzerland’s place on the table, but there are other things going for it, such as education. Over half of the expat families said their kids were being treated better by Swiss schools than the ones back home.


We hope this short and abridged list has aided you to make the best decision. We encourage you to do some more research of course. If possible, we also recommend visiting one of these countries for more than just a couple weeks if possible, to get a better feel of what living there would be like. 

No matter your decision in the end, you can count on USP Relocations (Thailand) to move you from wherever you are in Thailand, to the country of your dreams, or minimally the next country on your bucket list. We promise to get you there stress free and problem free, all at an affordable price.