The difference between moving companies and shipping companies


There is often a big confusion between what a moving company does as opposed to a shipping company (aka freight forwarders). Although they can appear to be to be similar, there are actually big differences, and you will find out why. We’ll take this opportunity to illustrate it by describing how USP Relocations operates as a moving company in Bangkok.

What is shipping?

The pickup and delivery system is at the heart of shipping or freight forwarding. You will very certainly be responsible for packing and securing your inventory if you use a shipping/freight company. These companies will receive prepacked boxes from your front-door and arrange delivery to your front door at the destination. In general, shipping insurance for residential goods is not available through a freight firm.

That brings to an important aspect of movers like USP Relocations. USP Relocations specializes in the door-to-door service . For example, if you are moving from Thailand to France , we’ll handle many aspects of your move. This includes inspection of your goods to assess the total volume, the supply of high-quality packing and wrapping materials, the packing itself, packing list and loading of your goods into a shipping container. We would be in charge of consigning your shipment to a freight forwarder and coordinating with our moving company partner in the country of destination to unload and unpack your boxes at your new residence. All of these services are included in our door-to-door quotations. Moreover, we also offer insurance options for any moves, whether it be international moves or domestic moves.

Movers handle on-ground packing and shipping.

Freight forwarders are highly specialized organizations that deal with international shipping operations, whereas moving companies handle the on-ground packing and transportation of personal goods. As mentioned, USP Relocations can pack, prepare, and load your goods into a truck (domestic moves) or shipping container (international moves).

Movers handle personal items: used household goods or personal effects.

There is also a confusion when it comes to the types of items a moving company can handle. USP Relocations strictly handles personal or residential items and not commercial goods as opposed to freight forwarders.

Movers hand off international shipping to freight forwarders.

More often than not, while you are enlisting services of a moving company for an international move, you are also enlisting services of a freight forwarder.

For example, if you are moving from Bangkok to overseas, once USP Relocations is done with the packing and loading of your shipment, we’ll hire the services of freight forwarders to ship your goods overseas. All the costs imposed by shipping lines are charged back at cost to you and included in our door-to-door service quotations. But, not to bring any more confusion, keep in mind, that doesn’t make freight forwarders part of our company or any moving companies. They are third parties.

Freight forwarders handle customs regulations in all countries they are shipping to.

While movers may provide assistance during the customs process, it is mostly the freight forwarders, besides you, who take care of it. Since the regulations vary from country to country, freight forwarders with experience in your specific destination are very helpful during an international move. What we can do is to guide clients as much as possible, starting with informing the clients the documents required for customs clearance.

When moving to Thailand, USP Relocations will coordinate with you for the arrival of your shipment and guide you through the import process. However, once arrived in Thailand, you would need to be present to clear you shipment from duties/taxes unless you are a returning Thai citizen or a foreigner with a valid working permit visa.

If that is not the case, USP Relocations is one of the best moving companies in Bangkok can provide a unique and alternative option to make your customs clearance smoother and faster, as well as cheaper. For more details, please contact us. 

Freight forwarders specialize in handling all aspects of overseas shipping

Freight forwarders usually ship cargo overseas. Besides driving them, they are also in charge of maintaining the ships, obtaining permits, and dealing with customs regulations in the countries they deliver goods to. Considering some of these aspects, that can explain why the costs that comes with shipping are already high.