Groupage Shipment – The best way to save money on your international move

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What Is A Groupage Shipment?

A groupage shipment is, by the definition, the consolidation or grouping of shipments from several clients into a single container going to the same destination. For example, when client A and client B desire to move abroad from Thailand to the UK, the goods of both clients will be co-loaded into the same container (booked and handled by USP Relocations) and will be heading to the UK. Groupage shipments are the most-effective solution in a international relocation, especially for smaller volumes. Instead of shipping your personal effects and household goods in a half-empty container, why not sharing the extra space with someone else to reduce the move cost?

Sharing A Container For Your International Relocation : Pros And Cons


As mentioned, a groupage shipment is a great option if you would like to save money on your move, considering the current shipping disruptions and crisis (please refer to this article to learn more about it: Shipping Situation Update – 2022). You will only pay for the space YOU are using in the shipping container. We can always always give you a quote for both a private shipment and a shared container, so you can actually see the price difference and make your decision accordingly. Another big plus using our groupage shipment options has to do with the customs process and documentation at destination. In case of shipments to Europe, all our groupage shipments would be shipped to Rotterdam. Let’s say you are moving from Thailand to France, the customs clearance would still happen in the Netherlands, thus, there won’t be as many documents as required and customs duties would be way cheaper (if the shipper is subject to it).


The shipping and delivery times for this type of shipment are not as accurate as they would be for a private Full Container-Load (FCL) shipment, as we need to wait until the shared container is full before we can export. Therefore, if you need your shipment to be dispatch as early as possible, a groupage shipment wouldn’t be recommended. However, we usually dispatch our groupage shipment containers within 2 to 3 months maximum after packing, as more and more customers are willing to go for this option (reducing waiting times). Also, as an international moving company based in both Bangkok and Phuket, we have enough volume to ensure frequent dispatch dates. In any case, please contact us now to get more information about it ( We will always let you know when the next expected dispatch is when sending you a groupage moving quotation.

Groupage Shipment for our customer moving from Thailand to the UK


We currently mainly offer groupage shipment to clients to moving out of Thailand to the United Kingdom, and Europe. However, in some specific cases, it is possible to share a container to other regions of the world as well. In 2021, we have also shipped shared containers to Australia, USA, Canada, and UAE. These destinations would need to be assessed on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information (

International Groupage Shipment – Door To Door Quotation

How is Calculated a groupage shipment cost?

As mentioned, the space within the container will be shared equally between all shippers based on the exact space each customer is using. This is why this option is the best way to pay only for what you are moving.

The door to door moving quotation will be calculated as follows:

  1. Packing charges
  2. Shared space in the shipping container
  3. Shared Port terminal handling charges (applicable to the entire container and divided into the number of shippers)
  4. Destination charges (delivery/unpacking) for your volume/ shipment